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Our Story

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Starting from humble beginnings with a burning passion for food, especially rice, 3 lifelong friends set out on a year-long journey around the world, tasting rice dishes from different continents and cultures. The rice seed was then planted. 

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We gathered all the knowledge we gained from our trip to create a simple yet tasty menu which brings together all the international flavours in a bowl.


Mr Rice Guy was born.

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World Flavours in a Bowl

Mr Rice Guy is all about having this mixture of the best flavours from all around the world, from East Asia to Latin America, Europe and much more

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It all starts with rice

Rice is one of the most popular ingredients in all cultures in the world. It's a great responsibility to make the best rice and we are commited to bringing you 

Made by us for you

love is key for us to keep making the best rice bowls in the world!


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Find your closest Mr Rice Guy

Find your closest Mr Rice Guy

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