Own a Mr Rice Guy Franchise

The food delivery market is booming and now is your chance to bet on the right horse

Why Franchise?

Franchising is a safer investment that requires a much lower starting capital than the traditional restaurant model.

Reduced risks, increased profits

By incorporating an already established brand into your business you're reducing your risk and considerably increasing your chances of success.

Franchising Done Right

Whether you want to open your own kitchen or utilise spare space in your existing one, our strategy is to make set up more affordable in order to optimise profits. 

Branding & Advertising

Franchisees benefit from our strong and vivid brand identity and high quality marketing materials from day one provided by our in house creative team. 

Marketing done right

Regular campaigns are rolled out through curated digital channels to ensure a boost to awareness and revenue across all franchised units. Also, regular directed campaigns to local audiences will bring you more customers and make them spend more with you.

Ongoing support

As well as providing support and guidance for all our franchisees, we also allocate each kitchen an experienced area manager who will perform monthly audits to ensure quality standards are being met as well as help you with any challenges you might encounter.


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About Innovative Eats

Innovative Eats Group is a stable of virtual food brands that empower owners of under utilised kitchens by licensing our virtual brands in to their existing infrastructure at no additional upfront cost, thus increasing revenue and profitability.

Our brands are cooked in your kitchen by your existing team, to be collected and then delivered to customers.  All of this without impacting your existing business.

Our hero brands have been developed to be operationally efficient, travel well and suit a wide range of demographics.

In 2019 we launched King of Wings, which quickly became a premiere Wings Brand. Now we have 5 virtual brands in the stable and are looking at growing these with a combination of company owned and franchised stores.

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